How can I be sure the dollars will be spent wisely?

P: Administrative costs will be limited to 5% of the annual fund. A nine-person grant committee patterned after the successful Portland Children’s Levy will decide on which projects get funded and assure accountability. Members of the committee will be required to have extensive experience in the fields pertaining to the Initiative and represent the economic and racial diversity of those most impacted by the effects of climate change.

Is this like Measure 97?

P: Measure 97 was a statewide initiative, whereas the Portland Clean Energy Initiative only applies to major retailers in the City Portland. Measure 97 did not exempt groceries and medicine, while the Portland Clean Energy Initiative does. Measure 97 won in Portland with over 60% of the vote.

Why retail corporations?

P: Most retailers have the longest supply trains, and don’t account for greenhouse gases in the production and distribution of their products. For every dollar spent at a national retail store, 58 cents gets recirculated back into the community as opposed to 73 cents of every dollar spent at a locally owned store. These corporations can and should pay their fair share to address climate change and invest in our community.

How will it be funded?

P: Energy Trust provides support and incentives for residential energy efficiency and solar to the level governed by the Oregon Public Utilities Commission, whose mission does not include climate change or social justice. This effort will add much-needed dollars on top of Energy Trust incentives.