Why Donate to Green Energy Initiatives

Energy is consumed daily in almost every home.

Energy conservation is all about reducing energy usage. A good example is driving less.
With more people adopting green living through increased usage of alternative energy sources and the invention of hybrid cars, it makes sense why people are fast becoming environment-friendly.

Understanding the essence of conserving energy is a major factor in actually engaging in energy conservation.
Both green and non-renewable energy impact the environment. For instance, lightning can strike and burn a tree. However, the type of energy and the amount consumed determines the level of impact on the environment.

Why is conserving energy important?

Here’re reasons you should get involved in conserving energy:

3 Top Reasons for You to Engage in Energy Conservation

Conserving energy is ESSENTIAL on a global level and can instantly affect your life.

  • Consumption of Fossil Fuels

Most energy types are based on fossil fuels, a non-renewable source of energy. Man can’t create fossil fuels, hence they run the risk of getting depleted.

  • Most cars run on the fossil fuel gasoline. When it runs out, the vehicles running on the gas won’t work anymore and businesses would lack a means of transporting their manufactured products and produce to the end consumer.
  • All energy types dependent on fossil fuels would get depleted. Many homes would lack electricity and fail to get heated. Businesses would not run as usual and the world would come to a standstill.
  • Mining fossil fuels is costly. The high cost impacts businesses responsible for paying the expenses, which are passed down to the consumer in the form of high products and services prices.
  • Energy conservation can lower the prices to help consumers save on their expenses. With less to spend on energy, more money is saved. Availability of disposable income, in turn, improves local and global economies.
  • Researchers get more time to develop solutions and alternative energy sources through energy conservation. Fossil fuels will eventually run out but conserving energy makes them last longer before practical energy solutions are invented.

Environmental Protection for the Future Generations

So, why should you engage in conserving energy?

Energy conservation benefits both the environment and the economy. High dependence on fossil fuels is creating problems bound to impact the future generations.

Therefore, it’s important to conserve energy and invest in research aimed at finding better and cleaner energy solutions for future generations.

Other reasons to get involved in conserving energy include:

  • Mitigation of global warming
  • Better human health
  • Constant supply of safe water
  • Mitigation of habitat or ecosystem destruction
  • Improves social responsibility
  • Maintenance of steady energy prices
  • Personal benefits such as exercising and improving your fitness levels by driving less and walking more
  • Reduced energy bills and improved home values
  • Our Sponsored and Voluntary Programs

Portland Clean Energy Initiative is a not-for-profit organization with love for the environment and the people. We run various green programs to promote energy conservation for a better today and green tomorrow.

Our team is a group of like-minded individuals working with volunteers, donors, and everyone who loves to keep the environment clean and green. We work towards a safe world that’s free from harmful fossil fuel pollutants that kill marine, wild, air, and land animals, including humans.

We run both volunteer and sponsored programs aimed at fighting for a green and clean world. Our green energy initiative programs to consider and join include:

  • Volunteer program
  • Sponsored program
  • Charity program